Accelerate/case studies

Buckley London’s glittering future

There’s jewellery made from precious metals and set with precious stones. Then there’s costume jewellery. But the latter is not a simple imitation of real jewellery using cheaper materials - but the fast-growing, fashion-conscious, trend-setting sector of the global jewellery market. And at its forefront is… Read more »

From new molecules to new markets
Dr Simon Hirst, CEO of Signature Discovery, and fellow scientists. Photograph by Matthew Page.

Talk about a long-term business. A new medicine can take more than 12 years to develop. The R&D required before it can be licensed for use by patients can cost more than £1bn. For any one marketed medicine that makes enough money to pay for… Read more »

Delamere Dairy spreads around the world

It pays to follow your customer, as Delamere Dairy can tell you. From farming a few goats in the lush green Cheshire countryside to being a pioneering exporter into 20 countries, its journey has been a remarkable one. Thirty years ago, Roger and Liz Sutton… Read more »

A bright future for Anglepoise

Its angular shape is one of Britain’s most famous designs. For 80 years, it has adorned the desks of writers, designers and students. But now Anglepoise (photograph ©Portsmouth News) aims to spread its light brighter and wider around the world. “We want to become a globally significant player… Read more »

Snap Fashion: the picture of growth

From the cat-walk to your coat-hanger, the way in which we find and buy clothes is changing. And a young, innovative company in London is at the centre of this revolution. Snap Fashion is a visual search engine. See an item of clothing you like,… Read more »