Accelerate/case studies

A man who knows no barriers

Mark Esho contracted polio at the age of five. But it didn’t stop him starting and building a successful business. In this inspiring film, he talks - as an employer and entrepreneur - about the qualities that disabled people bring as employees. If you would… Read more »

The “how to write a business plan” guide
Bev Hurley: encouraging women to plan and grow their businesses

During this Global Entrepreneurship Week, plenty of people - from schoolchildren to  50+-year-olds - will, we hope, be inspired to start a business.  One big question many of them will ask: how do I write my first business plan? There’s a wealth of online material… Read more »

Forging a culture, learning to lead

Christiane Wuillamie founded CWB Systems, an IT services company, and grew it 100% year-on-year into a multi-million pound enterprise before selling it in 2001. Here she shares her lessons in what it takes to build and lead a quality management team, and  how to develop a… Read more »

Plan, test, think global, and don’t be invisible

A common set of issues are confronted by businesses that aspire to grow but struggle to do so, says Doug Richard, founder of School for Startups. In this video, he talks about the importance of sharpening digital skills, planning - and testing those plans, and being… Read more »

Export is no accident at Random 42

Random 42‘s world-leading specialist medical animations take viewers on incredible immersive journeys; showing how a drug might work at sub-cellular level, or how an anti-coagulant might work in the blood vessels. Now the company is going on its own incredible global journey. Its particular export… Read more »