Broadband connection vouchers

Scheme now closed

The Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme ran from December 2013 until October 2015. From April 2015, the scheme was funded by a £40m Government challenge fund. This fund is now fully committed and the Scheme has closed to new applicants.

Up to £3,000 grants available for small businesses to get better broadband through the connection voucher scheme.

You may think your business isn’t part of the internet economy. If you don’t run an online business, it doesn’t make a difference to you – right?

Wrong. The internet economy is hugely important to the UK – and every UK company can benefit from the digital revolution.

Our online economy is worth more than £120bn each year. That’s £2,000 for every person in the country. It is almost ten per cent of our GDP – a greater share than in any other G20 nation.

By 2016 that value will have almost doubled. It will grow faster than China’s online economy – and more than twice as fast as in the USA.

Every employer in Britain can benefit. You can save on time and travel by remote working. You can improve security by backing up data quickly and easily. You can reach out to new customers with improved communication systems.

The Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme is delivering faster and better broadband for small businesses in 50 cities across the UK. To help those small firms cover the installation cost of getting connected, the government is offering grants of up to £3,000 through a special voucher scheme.

Small and medium-sized businesses and social enterprises are eligible for the vouchers. The scheme only runs until March 2015, so don’t hang about. Apply as soon as you can.

More than 22,000 companies have already applied. So 22,000 businesses now enjoy an internet connection that has gotsix times faster, on average. (Just think, some of them might be your competitors.)

The advanced technology you need to give your business a competitive edge in a global economy is not cheap. But the broadband voucher scheme means you don’t have to ask whether you can afford a superfast connection – it’s whether you can afford not to.

It’s easy to apply. Visit the Connection Vouchers website and choose from one of the suppliers with pre-registered packages or fill in an application online. Once approved, your connection will normally be installed within a few weeks. Some solutions could up and running in a matter of days.

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