Business Exchange

The Business Exchange will collect and curate meaningful offers of support in one place from top firms. Small firms will be able to access, prepare for or react to opportunities quickly and easily. The idea behind the Business Exchange is that it will foster a more complete entrepreneurial ecosystem, where small businesses have the chance to grow and big businesses can benefit from the open exchange of new thinking.

When business work together sharing resources and learning from each other’s expertise – they help to drive our economy forward.

If you’re a big business…

…make a pledge of support for small business on The Business Exchange, for example mentoring a small businesses. You could benefit from niche, flexible and cost-effective approaches to fulfilling specific requirements, building stronger and more sustainable supply chains something the Government’s Industrial Strategy recognises are crucial for successful industries.

If you’re a small business…

…use the Exchange to see how you could work with big businesses and how this might support your business to grow. You could benefit from shared resources, more opportunities for contracts and healthier finances.

If you’re interested in ways Government can make it easier for you to grow visit Small Business: GREAT Ambition.

Find out how one bank is supporting growth companies with more than just money. 

Even the biggest enterprise can help small companies. An initiative in the construction industry has got most of the major players collaborating to educate the industry’s supply chain. 

The pub has always been the place for talking about great business ideas with your mates. Few of those conversations ever actually lead to the start of a real venture. Here’s how one manufacturing company is committed to helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.  ‎

Paul Smith and Dave Bostock of Conxa: "we wouldn't have had a business if it wasn't for Gripple"

Paul Smith and Dave Bostock of Conxa: “we wouldn’t have had a business if it wasn’t for Gripple”


Just having the chance to present your product to a top retail buyer can transform the fortunes of a small business. The PitchUp competition provides just such an opportunity.