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Gordons’ pioneering legal apprentices

It all started with a TV programme about social mobility. Upon watching it, Paul Ayre, managing partner of the 170 year-old Yorkshire law firm Gordons, was spurred into action. He himself had been raised on a council estate and had worked his way to the… Read more »

When part-time is the answer, not a concession

It was a classic kitchen table idea. In 2004, as two mothers with years of professional experience behind them, Emma Stewart and Karen Mattison wanted to find quality part time employment. But no joy. So they launched a social enterprise, Women Like Us, to support women back… Read more »

One apprentice, two masters: a lesson in collaboration

Investing in skills: it’s easy to say, much harder for many businesses to do. Building up skills capabilities frequently takes a back seat to more immediate, pressing challenges. And, when it comes to apprenticeship programmes, many businesses will say that they lack the specialist HR… Read more »

When small companies go to big school

Even the biggest enterprise can help small companies. An initiative in the construction industry has got most of the major players collaborating to educate the industry’s supply chain. Sustainability is of massive importance to the construction industry. Yet the major contractors can’t achieve it all… Read more »

Talent and technology: what powers rural growth
Jane Field, founder, Jonny's Sister

Jane Field started Jonny’s Sister in 2005. Her previous career involved a lot of travel, taking her away from her children. She and her husband upped sticks and moved to the Dorset/Somerset countryside. So the driving forces behind starting her online retail business were family,… Read more »