Export is no accident at Random 42

Random 42‘s world-leading specialist medical animations take viewers on incredible immersive journeys; showing how a drug might work at sub-cellular level, or how an anti-coagulant might work in the blood vessels. Now the company is going on its own incredible global journey.

Its particular export challenge was how to connect the right people within the global pharmaceutical industry, one that is notoriously resistant to cold calls.

With UKTI help, Random 42 exhibited at some of the biggest shows in the biotech industry. Appearing underneath the UKTI banner proved great for new business. On another occasion, Random 42 went on a UKTI trade mission to Japan. “This helped us break into a normally closed market,” explains creative director Hugo Paice, “as the Japanese place great importance on introductions.”

“People think too nationally,” thinks Paice. “Everything can now be done on a global level. So don’t think of yourself as a UK company but as a global company with access to companies all over the world. A really good website is your shop window.”