Finance Announcements

Gousto’s smart financial recipe

In two years, Gousto has gone from being an idea to a 40-strong business with an array of investors ranging from private individuals, venture capital funds and one of the world’s largest corporations. Gousto delivers delicious and nutritional meals and ingredients in exact portions including… Read more »

A good case for tax relief

It has become a familiar sight around the world’s airports and railway stations - excited children wheeling or riding colourful, characterful suitcases.  The success of Rob Law’s Trunki is one of the great stories of  how innovative design and branding has created a new market. And while… Read more »

Maurice Sedwell: tailored for success
Andrew Ramroop, owner of Maurice Sedwell

Andrew Ramroop arrived in UK from Trinidad in 1970 with a burning ambition of becoming a Savile Row tailor. He worked ferociously hard to fulfil that dream. Today, he owns and runs Maurice Sedwell on 19 Savile Row, making bespoke suits for customers around the… Read more »

The rise of the home business

You don’t have to look too hard to find stories of great British businesses that started life from home. Shaun Pulfrey started Tangle Teezer from his two-bedroom flat, packing the first of his globally successful hairbrushes in the kitchen with his mum. Andrew Ritchie created… Read more »