Finance Announcements

The proof is in the dough

The Northern Dough Company started out making pizzas at their kitchen table three years ago. Now their “make your own pizza” products can be found on the shelves of Waitrose. The Lancashire-based company is the brainchild of husband and wife team Chris and Amy Cheadle.… Read more »

A bold new idea and real vision

Twelve years ago, Paris-domiciled British artist Richard Kirk had a chance meeting over a pint in Soho - and discovered a new world. He became fascinated by a small piece of electroluminescent material powered by a simple battery at his table. Despite having no scientific… Read more »

Enter a competition, get into a new market

You can see the potential of entering a new market but you don’t have the funds or know quite how to go about it. Here’s one way: enter a competition. Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) has been building its business in unmanned marine systems for defence… Read more »

Yoomi: the baby product that keeps on growing

It’s been called part of the future of babycare, and lauded for its inventiveness. Tired parents probably just call it a blessed relief. Yoomi makes innovative feeding bottles for babies. At the press of a button, a patented unit built into each bottle warms cold… Read more »