Finance Announcements

Why training has been our best investment

It's a world-class manufacturer in the West Midlands. Each one of its 185 employees receive, on average, 200 hours of training each year. Tony Hague, managing director of Power Panel Electrical Systems on the importance of training, apprenticeships and why every company should "do its bit"… Read more »

The billion-part maker with new markets ahead

In the centre of Birmingham, there’s a family-owned, 152-year-old company that makes and ships around four million components every week to China. And every morning, you can thank that company for your cup of tea. Because in the majority of domestic kettles in the world,… Read more »

The cab fare to growth
Amer Hasan

If one story tells you just how much the environment for raising equity finance for startups has changed, it’s that of Amer Hasan and minicabit. He’s secured funding from a top technology accelerator and from a group of business angels. He has made a successful… Read more »

The chocolate that is creating social change

“When we first pitched the concept of a delicious Fairtrade chocolate that was owned in part by Ghanaian cocoa producers, a lot of people thought that it was a nice idea but not commercially feasible in the long run,” says Divine Chocolate’s managing director Sophi… Read more »

Support for growth

High-quality advice is crucial to help your business make a successful move to the next level. Read more about the many support schemes and sources of advice. Read more »