Finance Announcements

Graham & Brown’s long-term roll-out strategy

It’s a story that would astonish - and delight - Harold Graham and Henry Brown. In 1946, the two men started to make wallpaper in Blackburn to satisfy the home decoration market in the post-war housing boom. Today, three of their grandsons still lead the… Read more »

Celebrating Women in Business Conference

The Celebrating Women in Business Conference, held at the British Library on the 5th of March, bought together ambitious new female entrepreneurs with very successful business women, who shared their tips on how they made their business a success. This was part of the Government's… Read more »

A bright future for Anglepoise

Its angular shape is one of Britain’s most famous designs. For 80 years, it has adorned the desks of writers, designers and students. But now Anglepoise (photograph ©Portsmouth News) aims to spread its light brighter and wider around the world. “We want to become a globally significant player… Read more »

Grub Club: growing the sharing economy

It’s a simple but brilliant idea. People love eating out together. Chefs want to reach new customers and promote their skills. A city such as London has innumerable unusual locations that can be used as dining venues. Enter Grub Club, a web platform designed to… Read more »

How to set up a business page – with Facebook

Now you’ve decided to use social media to help promote your business, watch our top tips video. In it, entrepreneur Tim Campbell speaks to Neal Baroni from Facebook about how easy it is to set up a Facebook page for your business. Read more »