Finance Announcements

Toddlebike’s big break

When Jo Hockley’s son saw Belgian toddlers happily cycling on brightly coloured plastic bikes, he wanted one. But when Jo went online to order it, she found that the bike couldn’t be sourced in the UK. She contacted the Czech manufacturer, negotiated exclusive distribution rights… Read more »

One apprentice, two masters: a lesson in collaboration

Investing in skills: it’s easy to say, much harder for many businesses to do. Building up skills capabilities frequently takes a back seat to more immediate, pressing challenges. And, when it comes to apprenticeship programmes, many businesses will say that they lack the specialist HR… Read more »

Earning a return from digital entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurs need customers and capital. Global corporations need to tap into digital innovation and creativity. When they engage properly, it makes a massive difference to all the parties. Initially launched by Telefonica in Spain and Latin America in 2011, there are now 14 Wayra… Read more »

When small companies go to big school

Even the biggest enterprise can help small companies. An initiative in the construction industry has got most of the major players collaborating to educate the industry’s supply chain. Sustainability is of massive importance to the construction industry. Yet the major contractors can’t achieve it all… Read more »

“We wouldn’t have had a business without them”

The pub has always been the place for talking about great business ideas with your mates. Few of those conversations ever actually lead to the start of a real venture. Here’s how one manufacturing company is committed to helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.… Read more »