Finance Announcements

The high energy trade mission

Entrepreneur Oli Barrett on the trade missions designed for company founders "with high energy and low attention span." The latest one, Clean and Cool, is taking British cleantech businesses to Brazil. Read more »

The first rule of strategy: know your market

The foundation for any business strategy is to know your market.  Every day we should learn something new - and that applies directly to any entrepreneur planning the future of their business. And just as learning shouldn’t finish when you leave school or college, neither… Read more »

Shattering the myths about mentoring

Many small businesses shy away from mentoring, perhaps due to a misconception of what mentoring really is. In a business sense, mentors provide the support and advice that you might seek from friends or financial advisers. To provide further insight into what business mentoring is,… Read more »

Find a mentor, as early as you can
Rekha Mehr, former entrepreneur-in-residence at BIS and currently interim MD of Small Business Charter

My biggest regret is not finding a mentor earlier on into my journey. When I was planning to start my business I was keen to find a mentor. I was entering a sector in which I had very little knowledge. I needed help to construct… Read more »

Do you know who to turn to?

Running a business is hard. There are great days and there are terrible days. Lots of people expect things from you – staff, customers, family – and this can be very stressful. It can be isolating, and it’s not very British to ask for help.… Read more »