Finance Announcements

The shrewd company behind your smart devices

Fire alarms. Smart meters. CCTV cameras, boilers, thermostats, even washing machines – all of these devices have one thing in common: the Internet of Things, which connects devices so that they can be monitored, controlled and accessed remotely via apps. Intamac is Europe’s largest provider… Read more »

Rosa’s: where growth is on the menu

With four restaurants across London and turnover doubling in one year, it’s not just the food that’s hot at Rosa’s Thai Cafes. The secret sauce? Taking cool and calm advice After successfully running a restaurant in Hong Kong, Alex Moore and his Thai wife were… Read more »

Lazer Lamps: bright light of global expansion

Established in 2010 by Ben Russell-Smith, Barnet-based Lazer Lamps competes in the global automotive lighting sector. In less than five years it has become a standard-setting, world-class business in the design and manufacture of LED lighting products for the automotive aftermarket. Its products are used… Read more »

Proteins and partnerships: a base for growth

Let’s get the name clear: Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) is a proud Teesside company and it’s not based in Cambridge. Its roots, though, do lie in the university city: CRB was founded in Cambridge in the 1980s as a pioneer business in the early years… Read more »