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Don’t just make it, reinvent it

Blackburn-based Meltech has plenty of technical smarts, ranging from high-speed wire winding to pretty much everything about electric furnaces. It has customers all over the world. Then it had a big new idea that would make it an indisputable world leader in one of its specialist areas -… Read more »

A big idea takes flight

It’s bigger than a football field, making it the world’s largest aircraft (about 60 feet longer than an Airbus A380). It is a mixture of aeroplane, airship, helicopter and hovercraft. It’s greener and quieter than other air transport. Oh, and a larger version is already… Read more »

Financing growth: make customers your investors

Many successful businesses start in difficult times. Naked Wines was started one week after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Today, the wine-selling website has more than 200,000 pre-paying customers across the UK, USA and Australia and is delivering profits in excess of £1m.… Read more »

Financing growth: the Regional Growth Fund

A manufacturer of overhead cranes and crane components in Derbyshire. A maker of specialist flavours, fragrances and ingredients in Suffolk. A beer bottling plant in Kent. It may sound pretty random but these three businesses have one thing in common - they all secured funding… Read more »

Financing growth: the Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Short-term working capital can be a source of strain for many businesses. Yet while many innovative short-term working capital platforms – such as peer-to-business lending – are emerging, some business owners still prefer to keep their lending relationship with one bank. But if you can’t… Read more »