Get the business skills you need to run a tech business


A new government-backed Digital Business Academy will make free online business courses on digital skills from Cambridge University available to everyone, as the UK looks to establish itself as a “global technology powerhouse.”

The new programme will give those who sign up the choice of eight business courses from Cambridge University Judge Business School, University College London (UCL) and Founder Centric that focus on helping students get into the digital side of business, or grow an idea of their own.

The courses do not teach coding but instead focus on how to start a business, digital marketing and the financial aspects of working in a tech business.

Courses will cover topics such as how to set up an online business, what is digital marketing, and how to raise money for you business. They contain video, text and practical exercises, with each course taking between 5 to 15 hours to complete.

The programme has been put together by Tech City UK, in collaboration with UCL, and uses a version of the university’s online learning platform. 40 industry partners including Microsoft Ventures, O2 Think Big and Codeacademy are supporting the programme with rewards for those who complete courses, in the form of free start-up support such as co-working space and start-up loans, and fast track to internships.