Grow/case studies

What makes a good mentor?

A good listener who wants to give something back, for sure, but also someone who can detect the problems that may lie behind an entrepreneur's bravado, says Tim Campbell. Mentorsme is an online gateway for all small and medium-sized businesses looking for some form of mentoring… Read more »

Inditherm: a warming tale

For a lesson in getting going in exporting, Rotherham-based Inditherm has a warming tale to tell. The company makes heating and warming products such as mattresses for patients in operating theatres and in neo-natal wards as well as advanced heat products for chemotherapy. “The biggest challenge to… Read more »

Stop, think, grow

Take a step back. Work on the business, not in the business. Carve out some time to think. You know you should. But it’s easier said than done. There is always something that can’t wait - customers, sales, processes, finance, technology, suppliers - and everything… Read more »

Six lessons for successful growth

Entrepreneur Bev Hurley, chief executive of YTKO, on the importance of doing genuine market research (not just using Google and talking to your friends), why so many companies get stuck and can’t grow even when they want to, and why your business plan needs to… Read more »