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The chocolate that is creating social change

“When we first pitched the concept of a delicious Fairtrade chocolate that was owned in part by Ghanaian cocoa producers, a lot of people thought that it was a nice idea but not commercially feasible in the long run,” says Divine Chocolate’s managing director Sophi… Read more »

Global in reach, flexible at home

Getting someone safely home from a remote part of the world - or getting specialists out there - requires speed, precision and a high degree of organisation. Medical evacuation and repatriation is hardly ever a straightforward business - whether it’s a heart attack, a road… Read more »

Analyse this: the growth of Thyson Technology

The recent Manufacturing Advisory Service’s Barometer tells a story of sales growth and recruitment confidence among England’s smaller manufacturing companies. Record numbers are looking to take on staff. Seventy-three per cent of those surveyed expect to win more work between now and October and 59… Read more »

Bifold’s high-speed growth story

It began as a 19th-century business making miner’s lamps under the brand Bifold-Naylor. Today it is a world-class, high-growth business in the oil and gas industry. It is also a company that is on the threshold of transforming manufacturing. Manchester-based Bifold makes valves and pumps.… Read more »

Don’t just make it, reinvent it

Blackburn-based Meltech has plenty of technical smarts, ranging from high-speed wire winding to pretty much everything about electric furnaces. It has customers all over the world. Then it had a big new idea that would make it an indisputable world leader in one of its specialist areas -… Read more »