Grow/case studies

A very different silicon revolution

It is one of the most unusual production floors in Britain. Men sketch or pore over laptops, with rows of reddish-pink hands and male organs standing as bizarre desk accessories. Trays of neat pink and white squares, looking like cakes, turn out to be dozens… Read more »

A big idea takes flight

It’s bigger than a football field, making it the world’s largest aircraft (about 60 feet longer than an Airbus A380). It is a mixture of aeroplane, airship, helicopter and hovercraft. It’s greener and quieter than other air transport. Oh, and a larger version is already… Read more »

Why the sky is no limit to Sky-Futures

It's not easy inspecting an oil rig, particularly when it's miles out at sea. Sky-Futures, a five-year-old business that specialises in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industrial inspection services, is providing a cutting-edge solution to some of the energy industry's toughest challenges. The company's operators work… Read more »

Financing growth: make customers your investors

Many successful businesses start in difficult times. Naked Wines was started one week after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Today, the wine-selling website has more than 200,000 pre-paying customers across the UK, USA and Australia and is delivering profits in excess of £1m.… Read more »

Gordons’ pioneering legal apprentices

It all started with a TV programme about social mobility. Upon watching it, Paul Ayre, managing partner of the 170 year-old Yorkshire law firm Gordons, was spurred into action. He himself had been raised on a council estate and had worked his way to the… Read more »