New markets/all case studies

Buckley London’s glittering future

There’s jewellery made from precious metals and set with precious stones. Then there’s costume jewellery. But the latter is not a simple imitation of real jewellery using cheaper materials - but the fast-growing, fashion-conscious, trend-setting sector of the global jewellery market. And at its forefront is… Read more »

From new molecules to new markets
Dr Simon Hirst, CEO of Signature Discovery, and fellow scientists. Photograph by Matthew Page.

Talk about a long-term business. A new medicine can take more than 12 years to develop. The R&D required before it can be licensed for use by patients can cost more than £1bn. For any one marketed medicine that makes enough money to pay for… Read more »

Delamere Dairy spreads around the world

It pays to follow your customer, as Delamere Dairy can tell you. From farming a few goats in the lush green Cheshire countryside to being a pioneering exporter into 20 countries, its journey has been a remarkable one. Thirty years ago, Roger and Liz Sutton… Read more »

The beauty of a healthy export business

DCS Group began by selling and distributing health, beauty and household brands. It has become the market leader; it’s the official UK sales and distribution company for multinationals such as P&G, Gillette, Unilever and Colgate. But it has also transformed and grown into a manufacturer and brand-owner with a global reach.… Read more »

Graham & Brown’s long-term roll-out strategy

It’s a story that would astonish - and delight - Harold Graham and Henry Brown. In 1946, the two men started to make wallpaper in Blackburn to satisfy the home decoration market in the post-war housing boom. Today, three of their grandsons still lead the… Read more »