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Workplace pensions: finding a simple solution

By 2018, an estimated 1.3m UK firms will have to comply with the new law on workplace pensions. But it need not be a daunting experience. One company that has automatically enrolled its staff is StuffUSell. Founded by David Brackin ten years ago, StuffUSell sells more than £1m worth… Read more »

Grub Club: growing the sharing economy

It’s a simple but brilliant idea. People love eating out together. Chefs want to reach new customers and promote their skills. A city such as London has innumerable unusual locations that can be used as dining venues. Enter Grub Club, a web platform designed to… Read more »

Pact Coffee: the flavour of success

It started as a thought in a kitchen over a cup of coffee - that people might be interested in buying superlative coffee online. Within 72 hours of the idea, Stephen Rapoport had sold his first bag of Pact Coffee through a fully-functioning website. It… Read more »

Tell it as it is: the value of a mentor
Joanna Abeyiie, Managing Director of Shine Media

Joanna Abeyie started Shine Media when she was 21. She already had a full-time career as a journalist but she was determined to create more opportunities in the media industry for people who, like herself, didn’t have the connections, resources or support to help them… Read more »

The rise of the home business

You don’t have to look too hard to find stories of great British businesses that started life from home. Shaun Pulfrey started Tangle Teezer from his two-bedroom flat, packing the first of his globally successful hairbrushes in the kitchen with his mum. Andrew Ritchie created… Read more »