Starting a business from home

Setting up a business from home will be made easier thanks to a package of new government support.

Around 70 per cent of new businesses start off in the home, and they contribute £300bn to the economy. As part of its long-term economic plan to back businesses, the government wants to make it much easier for people thinking of starting a home business to do so with the law firmly on their side.

The new measures announced today include:

  • New legislation will make it easier for people to run a business from a rented home. The law will be changed so that landlords can be assured that agreeing to this will not undermine their residential tenancy agreement. A new model tenancy agreement will also be made available shortly.
  • Updated planning guidance makes it clear that planning permission should not normally be needed to run a business from your home.
  • New business rates guidance clarifies that in the majority of circumstances home based businesses will not attract business rates.

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