The latest business style

Tiffanne Williams started her freelance mobile hairdressing service in 2013, after an 11-year career working in salons. The move to self-employment is a big change but but she has made the transition successfully thanks to running her business online.

Doing things digitally keeps the administration of her business simple but has also provided her with effective marketing channels to gain new customers.

“Digital banking helps me to keep track of all my spending and payments,” says the 30-year-old from Watford. As her service is about providing a salon in the comfort of their own homes, customers also like the ease of payment.

It’s especially the case when I am doing a big job like a wedding because it means they don’t have to carry around lots of cash.

She uses social media to build relationships with her customers. She regularly uses Twitter to update customers on fashionable styles and provide tips and ideas for them to try at home, as well as showcasing her work.

“The world is all about social media today,” she says. “If I wasn’t online, I would be missing out on opportunities.”