When part-time is the answer, not a concession

It was a classic kitchen table idea. In 2004, as two mothers with years of professional experience behind them, Emma Stewart and Karen Mattison wanted to find quality part time employment. But no joy.

So they launched a social enterprise, Women Like Us, to support women back to work after having children – specifically into part-time roles.

Forward ten years to today, and Stewart and Mattison have created a range of businesses under the Timewise, each one of which aims to help employers recognise the benefits of part-time flexible work. More than  50,000 candidates and 2,000 employers are on their books.

“We are very much about opening up the jobs market,” says Emma Stewart.  “Work is changing, and the way we work is changing. If employers want to be more efficient and productive and get the best talent, they need to be looking at how they design their jobs.” In this film, she talks about the advantages (and some of the challenges) of the part-time work alternative.

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