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Building your website

Your website can be both your shop-window and your business card. Your customers can find you and learn more about you. Your website is the best way of telling them more about your business.

Before you get started
Why have a website?

Even if you don’t plan to sell your services online, having a website will be beneficial to your business, and here are some tips on how to go about setting it up.

Building a website
How to build a website

All the building blocks to making your business website, including several different approaches for getting started.

Setting up a website with Wordpress

Wordpress is one of the most popular means of building a simple website. There are several options, both free and paid-for - and this guide takes you through the process.

Building a website with Blogger

Another quick means of building a simple website is by using Google’s Blogger. This guide is a step by step process to getting started.

Getting more out of your website
How to work with a web designer

If you’re thinking of using an external designer to build your website, here are some tips and resources for getting the most out of them, and things to look out for when you are working together

Doing more online
Opening your online shop

Interested in selling your products or services online? Here’s some advice on ways to get started.