Companies have more finance options available to them than just those of the principal clearing banks. This section helps businesses find out how to access affordable and appropriate finance. It also provides information on dealing with late payments and more general guidance on working with banks.



  • Finance options for new businesses

    A bank loan is not the only way to raise money for your startup business. Learn more about other potential sources of finance.

  • Financing and planning business growth

    There are many different types of finance available to a company with ambitions to grow. Find guidance and advice about finance for growing companies in this section.

  • Write a business plan

    You will need a business plan to raise finance. Here's advice on how to write a business plan, including templates and samples.

  • Equity finance for growth businesses

    Equity finance can be very beneficial in helping your business expand and grow. Learn learn more about the options and providers available to your business.

  • Debt finance and grants for growth businesses

    Almost all businesses will use debt finance at some stage to help them grow. This sections sets out the wide range debt finance options beyond standard banks loans to help grow your business.

  • Tax relief and incentives for business

    Learn about the growing number of sources of finance, from crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending to tax breaks and incentives.

  • Funding for innovation

    There are many forms of financial help that aim to support companies as they innovate and generate new ideas. Find one to help you.

  • Dealing with late payments

    Late payments can make it difficult for businesses to operate as it affects their cash flow and financial planning. This section has information about what to do if you need to take action.

  • Working with banks

    Find Trip Advisor style reviews of banks and banking products, information on the bank appeals process if your application for finance has been turned down and the current account switching service.