New ideas

If it creates something unique, a company has Intellectual Property (IP) that it can protect and exploit. There are many funding opportunities for companies who want to develop and exploit their IP. There are also schemes and initiatives in which companies can collaborate with research partners, such as universities, to develop new ideas.


  • Intellectual Property: the essentials

    Learn more about copyright, designs, patents and trademarks in this section all about the basics of Intellectual Property.

  • How to protect and exploit new ideas

    You can get expert, tailored advice on Intellectual Property from many sources, including Growth Vouchers. Find the type of support that will help your business.

  • Funding and support for new ideas

    There are many forms of financial help that aim to support companies as they innovate and generate new ideas. Find one to help you.

  • Partners and resources for new ideas

    The research and development of a new business idea isn't often achieved alone, there are many research partners and organisations that can provide support and advice for your new business ideas.

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