When you run a business, there are regulations to comply with. The government aims to ensure that the regulatory environment for business in the UK is fair and effective. There are ways in which it is being made simpler for business to work with government, and where regulations can be reviewed and their enforcement improved. Some of the key initiatives are listed here.

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  • Licence Finder – Find out whether you need a licence for your business activity
  • Primary Authority – If your business operates across several local authorities, you only need to follow the advice and guidance of one. Primary Authority provides assured advice from a single local authority, ensures consistency of regulation and reduces duplication of inspections and paperwork
  • Business Companion – Free, impartial legal guidance for businesses that sell goods and/or supply services to consumers
  • Product safety – Check what regulations may apply to your product
  • Export licences – How to find out whether your goods are controlled and whether you need an export licence


  • Employment law and regulation

    This section covers the statutory requirements for National Insurance, payroll and pensions as well as guidance on health and safety at work, holiday and sick pay and employment contracts.